Craig Levitt


Abundance or Scarcity

At our recent Wealth Retreat, a mere 13 days past, I encouraged everyone to set a really BIG goal. It was on the back of us exploring everyone’s relationship with money.

Now, many of us don’t think of money, when we think of relationships, however I can assure you that we all have one. And it’s a very intimate relationship. So much so that we often don’t realise just how much it affects our day to day thinking and behaviour.Most people’s relationship with money is either focused toward abundance or scarcity, and unfortunately for many of us, it’s scarcity. Scarcity means fear. Fear of making mistakes, fear of losing money, fear of protecting what you have. Of course if you are operating from a place of scarcity you are basically saying, there is not enough money going around so I need to protect what I have. This is hardly a strategy for making more money, is it?If you want to bring more money into your life, you must erase any fears that you have around it. So take a moment to think of any regular or habitual thoughts or associations you may have around money. Things like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you have to work hard to live” etc. As minuscule as these seem, they will affect your attitude. They are scarcity thoughts, not abundance. So try to come up with some new sayings that you can now put into your vocabulary such as; “money is all around”.The process of change is simple, just not easy. Firstly, become aware of how you currently think, replace that thought with a new better thought, and create a habit of the new thought. It takes practise to become a new day-to-day habit, BUT the benefits will be a new positive attitude towards money that should see it flowing your way in the not too distant future.Cheers,Craig Live with energy, passion & happiness.