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Are your perceptions limiting your potential?

Wealth Tip – confidence builds wealth!

It is amazing just how we allow our perceptions and assumptions to rule what we do and achieve. How many times have you missed out on success simply by assuming how someone else is feeling or what they are thinking, or by having a perception that an event isn’t for you or a meeting isn’t needed for some reason. This can hold you back financially, it can limit your happiness and it can lead to depression! Want to know why?

It is just how our brains work and our brains are attuned to our knowledge and confidence levels.

Let me explain; imagine you see a couple of your friends or work colleagues having a chat, they occasionally glance over at you and keep talking. Depending on our confidence level and self-esteem we will make some assumptions.

A confident person will assume they are noticing your … great outfit, your new haircut or commenting on your latest success or achievement.

A person lacking confidence may assume, ‘oh no – they are talking about me, what have I done, they don’t like me, I might have upset them’, and may then go into a downward spiral of negative thoughts and wander off out of sight.

A highly confident person won’t actually think anything much but would walk over and join the conversation. Often the conversation has absolutely nothing at all to do with us – and if it has, it is often a positive conversation, not a negative one.

What has this got to do with Building Wealth?

We often waste so much time and energy assuming or guessing what other people are doing, thinking or saying we leave little time or energy for moving forward improving our own lives.

Negativity breeds negativity and that can limit your confidence which in turn limits your motivation and happiness. Without motivation and happiness, it is difficult to find reasons to improve your life, your education and therefore the potential to increase your wealth.

Our navel gazing consumes precious time that could be better served learning new things and making plans to improve your knowledge and often your bottom line.

The mind is a funny thing, it controls so much! It can push you forward or hold you back for years and yet you are in total control of what you think and how you think.

Mindset Mastery is a seminar I created to help my clients through the minefield of self-doubt as well as giving them the tools they needed to cope with fear and negativity. Things like negative media and mixing with the wrong ‘herd’, people who can drain your positivity and energy.

For example, your position on the positivity scale often relates right back to the beliefs and attitudes of your parents and grandparents and is confirmed by those closest to you. It is also said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Once you recognise where you are sitting on the scale, you can easily tip the scale in your favour by changing the way you think about things (as well as who is around you influencing your thinking).

Mindset Mastery forms part of the 5 Weeks to Wealth program and I believe it is the most important of the 5 sessions.

The sessions include:
• Mindset Mastery
• Money Mastery
• Property Mastery
• Retirement Mastery
• Implementation Mastery

These are just one small part of the Think money education program. Make sure you aren’t letting your mindset or perceptions hold you back from being the best you can be.

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of low self-esteem and believe the worst, yet it is just as easy to turn it around and build amazing self-confidence which can lead to great success.

It might be time to refill your mindset bucket.

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