Lynn Levitt

Calling all First Home Buyers!

What a great time it is to be in the market buying your first home. That’s right folks, here at Think Money we help lots of people buy their first home. You see the most important aspect of creating wealth is getting the “principal place of residence”, in other words your home, right.

Let me explain.

You need to know about finance structures, how to pay the loan down as quickly as possible, how to know if you can get the First Home Owners grant or not, if this will hold up your purchase or fast track it… Yes that’s making you think isn’t it?Because we love teaching clients to reduce mortgage debt as fast as possible, sometimes rather than saving madly for the first BRAND new property, you may just be better getting into the market and starting your wealth creation journey from learning how to manage your money the best way possible and reduce debt. We are absolute pros at this and more importantly we love it!
Most people think the secret to creating wealth is buy-buy-buy.
Most people think the secret to creating wealth is buy-buy-buy. Whilst part of that may be true, the real wealth creation starts at the very beginning, from knowing all about money and how to create more of it through wise investment, which comes from creating equity from paying down debt! Good debt I may add!So I know a lot of people out there think THINK MONEY is all about investing – Well Think Again! We have always been about buying your home as well as investing. Also we are still always motivated to educate and nurture our clients through the cash management maze of how to reduce debt effectively whilst still maintaining your lifestyle.So whether it’s for your kids or yourselves, everyone needs a financial education on how to get into their first home and how to set themselves up the right way for a secure wealth creation journey.Happy to share over a coffee anytime what we do, how we do it and why we do it.All I need is you.Lynn