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Central Queensland’s high-growth industries

Central Queensland is a core contributor to the state's economy, with several regional industries experiencing continued high growth.

This makes a number of locations in the area potentially lucrative investments for those looking to inject money into property assets.

With a population of more than 215,000 people stretching from the Coral Sea to the Northern Territory border, Central Queensland provides opportunities for anyone hoping to take advantage of burgeoning industries.

So what sectors across Central Queensland's two major service centres – Rockhampton and Gladstone – are performing the best? 


Whether it is beef, cotton, grain or fruit production, Central Queensland's agricultural industries are thriving.

The sector provides around one-quarter of the state's total exports and makes up part of Queensland's primary production output.

Rockhampton, for example, is known as the beef capital of Australia, with the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange considered one of the best stud selling centres in the nation.

The success of agriculture in the region also has a knock-on effect for other industries, including boosting transport infrastructure for more efficient logistics.


Coal seam gas and coal production from the Surat Basin are expected to rise by a factor of ten by 2013, making the region very lucrative for property investment.

Around $59 billion worth of projects are currently underway and with more money in the pipeline, there is the potential to cater to an influx of fly-in, fly-out workers on these initiatives.

As with agriculture, the growth of resources will have a positive effect on related industries such as electricity and gas liquefaction, engineering fabrication and energy infrastructure.

Gladstone is also home to some of the biggest industrial companies in Australia.

These include Queensland Alumina Limited, which accounts for around ten per cent of the worldwide alumina production, and Australia's largest aluminium smelter Boyne Smelter's Ltd.

Cement Australia Gladstone, which supplies the material to both national and international markets, is also the biggest cement kiln in the country.


Boasting one of the biggest multi-commodity ports in eastern Australia, Gladstone benefits from handling over 79 million tonnes of cargo every year.

The port of Gladstone is also the fifth largest coal export port in the world and sees around 30 per cent of the state's total outgoing goods move through it.

Gladstone port's RG Tanna Coal Terminal handles more than 40 varieties of coal and shifts over 70 million tonnes annually.

These are just some of the high-growth industries in Central Queensland, with others including processing and industrial services, chemical and cement production, and tourism.

Those looking for investment property in the region may want to strike while the iron is hot, which could result in the best returns as these sectors begin to grow – rather than waiting for them to become too developed.