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Choose Toowoomba for your next property investment

Queensland has a wealth of opportunities for anyone hoping to make a property investment – and Toowoomba could be one of the most profitable.

Located in the south-west of the state, Toowoomba has experienced considerable growth over recent years due to its expanding population and enviable location.

The area – often nicknamed the Garden City – is famed for its expansive outdoor spaces and laid-back lifestyle, so it is not difficult to see why investors have flocked there in search of Queensland rental property.

So what else does Toowoomba have to offer that makes it such a lucrative place for a property investment? Its services and facilities are second to none, making the city one to watch for anyone hoping to make steps into property investing.

Bringing up children

Families often relocate to Toowoomba in search of a better lifestyle – and many of them find it with little problem at all.

Toowoomba has its fair share of services for families, from top class schools and youth programs to adult learning facilities and community groups.

Fitting in is never a worry in the city – its close-knit nature means that moving to the region is much simpler than many people envisage, giving them plenty of time to see what it has to offer.

Strong heritage

Culture and heritage both form a strong part of life in Toowoomba, making it one of the most historically significant sites in the country.

Museums and art galleries are never in short supply and there are also plenty of cultural centres that make Toowoomba an intriguing place to live and visit.

Aged care services

Toowoomba is also a great place for older generations to relocate to due to its provision of aged care services.

Toowoomba Regional Council has a number of programs to support the aged and disabled, helping people from all demographics make the most of life in the city.

Regional workshops are regularly held for people over the age of 50, while the council also hosts a seniors' week every year to showcase exactly what help and services are on offer.

Making the most of the great outdoors

As already indicated, Toowoomba is well known for its open spaces, which make it the ideal place to enjoy the Queensland climate and make the most of what is essentially a city like no other.

Whether residents are looking for somewhere to walk their dog, pitch up a tent or indulge in a game of cricket, there is never a shortage of places to visit.

Parks also play an important role in community events, with various programs being run throughout the year that make the most of these outdoor areas.