Lynn Levitt


Countdown or wind up to Christmas!!

Winding down for Christmas is something not heard of in the corridors of Think Money, in fact quite the opposite happens. This is because we do not focus on waiting until the New Year to make new goals, resolutions or taking action.
“The Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now!”
This is one of Chris’s favourite sayings for very good reason. Never put off wanting to do or change something, especially when it comes to money, for one more day. When we do this, funnily enough we don’t do anything! Getting control of your money and finances and working out what is possible for your future can start right now.Don’t wait until you have racked up credit card debt, overspent and then realize it’s going to be another year before you can go on that holiday, pay down your mortgage or better still buy that 1st or 2nd investment property. We encourage our clients that a great happy lifestyle starts with a strong and happy mindset and knowing where your money is going and having a clear set of goals, especially at this time of the year is essential if you want to have more!There is nothing wrong with wanting more and more all the time in my books because quite simply it allows me to give more and more away, another amazing lesson I have learned from Think Money.In the past year we have reduced debt, been on overseas holidays, camped or rather “Glamped” many times, travelled interstate, bought lovely new things for the house, I have gifted more than I ever have before (yes sometimes after too many wines at wonderful charity events – hope hubby is not reading this!!) and just basically said yes to it all.If you want next year to be different to this year don’t for heavens sake wait one minute longer do something about it right now! Email me or call me or text me or Facebook me and I will give you some instant steps on what to do.So what are you waiting for…are you living a great life or complaining about how you’re not ready for Christmas!!!!Happy winding up everyone!Lynn