Chris Childs


The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Financial Security Is A Close Second

There seems to be a common belief that we should be happy with what we have. That to live the Australian dream we need to save and sacrifice for years to buy a property and then spend the next 25 doing the hard yakka to pay it off. That working nearly every single day of our lives well into our retirement age is standard and just the way things are and there is no other quicker way to achieve financial security. Most of us saw our parents grind away often juggling several jobs to pay their mortgage for the duration of their lives. Then struggle to retire comfortably. We were probably taught that money doesn’t grow on trees and if you can’t pay for something upfront you live without. That the only way to get ahead is to persist and sacrifice where possible. We’ve also had it drummed into us that money shouldn’t make us happy and the best things in life are free. Sure, money itself might not make us happy but the peace of mind that comes with being out of debt and not being weighed down by the stress of never having enough certainly goes a long way in living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. In fact, reducing debt completely and creating financial security now and for your future as opposed to struggling with debt repayments and never getting ahead sounds like a pretty enjoyable lifestyle. The best things in life such as your health, friends and family might be free but financial freedom surely comes in at a close second.No matter where your money situation is at right now you don’t have to accept it and be content with the way things are, despite what you’ve been told. You certainly don’t need to budget, struggle and sacrifice to make ends meet for the rest of your life. And you definitely don’t have to spend the next 25 years paying off your mortgage when it’s likely you can have it paid off in 7 if you know how. It might sound too good to be true, but all of these things are completely achievable when you know exactly what to do to reduce your debts, make your mortgage work for you and create wealth using tried and tested techniques. In fact, Think Money – founded by multi-million dollar property investor Chris Childs, are passionate about helping people create financial security to live comfortably now and for their retirement, without having to sacrifice or work nearly as hard as what they’ve been led to believe.Chris has developed proven strategies in creating wealth using property and Think Money are committed to helping people achieve their financial goals and aspirations, and breaking away from the mindset that debt reduction and wealth creation is nearly impossible without giving up a lot to get there. They’ll show you how to get out of debt and create wealth with these four steps;Separate Your Life From Your Investment PropertyWe know it’s stressful and even scary when you look at your current debt and feel like it’s out of control. Think Money show you how to do your banking different and make it work for you to take away your current financial pressures and improve your situation. It’ll teach you how to separate your life from your investment property and take control back again. Using Money Management Techniques to Reduce DebtDebt. You’ve probably been told a million times that the only way to rid yourself of it is to make massive sacrifices to your current lifestyle and work as much as possible. This is simply not true. We’ll help you with the knowledge needed to beat the banks at their own game and take years off your mortgage, without your current circumstances suffering. Learn How You Can Reduce Debt and Create Wealth Through Property InvestmentIf you were told you could reduce your current mortgage by $20000 and purchase two investment properties within the next 6 months chances are you’d probably think we’re pulling your leg. It fact, this happens all the time with our Think Money clients, after we coach and support them through the strategies on how. Debt Reduction and Smart Wealth CreationIt’s not near as complicated as you’ve been led to believe.  To achieve financial security it’s about having the right information and education to learn how to treat your money in the first place, get the best out of your current loans and work with the right financial platform for fast debt reduction and wealth creation.If you want to break the cycle today of believing that getting out of debt is hard or that creating wealth is impossible unless your lifestyle suffers then get in touch with the Think Money team. There are far better solutions than working several jobs or accepting that your mortgage is a 25-year sentence.  Why not book in a FREE Coaching Session to get you on your way to a better and happier life?