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Gladstone benefiting from federal investment

Property in Queensland remains an attractive prospect for people hoping to make a lucrative investment, and Gladstone has already established itself as a hot spot.

Benefiting from median price rises, Gladstone property is about to become more enticing, with federal treasurer Wayne Swan outlining a number of government funding plans for the city.

Real Estate Institute of Queensland figures revealed the value of Gladstone real estate jumped 0.3 per cent in the three months to March this year, and Mr Swan highlighted the importance of the city and Central Queensland at large.

Mr Swan, giving a doorstep interview to journalists alongside federal Labor candidate for Flynn Chris Trevor, said maximising the economic opportunities of fast-growing regions such as this is vitally important.

"Tens of billions of dollars of investment in this region over the past five years have driven economic growth, driven jobs, but also provided a need for investment in fundamental infrastructure so the economy can operate efficiently," he explained.

Gladstone growth

Discussing Gladstone in particular, Mr Trevor cited how the city had experienced tough conditions during the Global Financial Crisis – a situation that was spotted and remedied by the government.

"Government stepped in to support local jobs in this community," he stated.

"It supported local jobs via Kirkwood Road and it supported local jobs by this project."

The initiative, funded with $25.3 million of federal money, resulted in a new road being built that connects Gladstone-Benaraby Road with the Dawson Highway.

"This project is an example of what federal Labor has done for Central Queensland. It's a prime example of us investing in rural and regional Queensland," Mr Trevor explained.

Mr Swan also referenced the $5.5 million upgrades to Gladstone Airport as a great example of projects carried out in the city to improve its viability as an economic hub.

Property investment in Gladstone

Gladstone investment continues to pour in from both state and federal governments, highlighting the confidence politicians have in its future.

Not only will many of these schemes require workers that need housing, overall population growth in the region is expected to increase demand for housing.

This is in addition to historic local industries that continue to perform well, including the mining sector, which remains a cornerstone of the regional economy.

Aside from its commercial attractiveness, Gladstone also offers a range of recreational activities and amenities that make it the perfect place for a family home.

Boasting seven national parks and various large green open spaces, its appeal stretches far beyond its strictly industrial potential.

Investing in Gladstone property now could help you stay ahead of the competition, ensuring you optimal profits before other investors catch on and flock to the area in increasing numbers.