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Gladstone provides a wealth of opportunities

Property investors can't help but have sat up and taken notice of Gladstone, as it has certainly become a strong destination for Australians over recent years.

So what exactly is it that attracts people to this part of Queensland? There are many factors that are currently attracting residents – and are likely to do so for many years to come.

About Gladstone

Gladstone benefits from an excellent geographical location. It is approximately 100 kilometres south-east of Rockhampton, as well as being around 550 kilometres from the state capital of Brisbane.

It also reaps advantages from being situated between the Boyne and Calliope Rivers, meaning Gladstone has established itself as one of the country's largest multi-commodity ports.

Present population estimates show that around 50,000 people live in Gladstone, although the area has experienced high levels of migration over recent times.

This has largely been due to the resources boom that has been witnessed in the region, which has had a strong impact on people's desire to relocate in search of work in the sector.

The resources industry in Gladstone

As anyone with an interest in property investing will no doubt be aware, the resources boom has had quite an impact on demand for houses in certain areas of Queensland.

Gladstone is no exception to this trend – property prices have increased across the region as major mining companies seek to exploit its wealth of natural resources.

Gladstone is home to two of the largest alumina refineries in the world, which as a result has attracted a skilled workforce to the area.

One of the biggest projects currently underway is the Santos GLNG Project, which involves three of the largest energy companies in the world – Petronas, Total and KOGAS.

This particular project involves the development of gas fields from Bowen and Surat Basins in the south-west of Queensland, where the gas will be transported from through a 420-kilometre underground pipeline.

It will finish at an LNG plant at Curtis Island off the coast of Gladstone, bringing strong economic and employment opportunities to anyone living in the area.

Initiatives of this scale can only provide an incentive to property investors, especially as demand for labour is still being maintained to this very day.

Providing a great place to live

Gladstone does, of course, offer more than just a thriving resources sector. Efforts have been underway in the region to make it an attractive place to live.

Large green open spaces have been developed over the years to help people make the most of Gladstone's amiable climate, while its seven national parks also have strong appeal.

Gladstone can also offer residents a strong infrastructure, thanks to its well-developed road links and services offered by the regional airport.