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Gladstone: the perfect place to bring up a family

Gladstone has become a property hot spot for families over recent years – its wealth of facilities and friendly atmosphere lend the city perfectly to this type of renter.

The region has strong industrial links and has been a major player in Queensland's economic growth, so it is easy to see why the area has caught the attention of the nation's property investors.

Not only this, property prices have held steady at a time when fluctuation is becoming all too common.

So what is it that makes Gladstone such a perfect location for bringing up your family? We take a look at some of the main reasons it has found favour with this particular demographic.

Welcoming new residents

Moving to a different town or city is often a daunting experience, which is why the city of Gladstone makes such an effort to welcome its new residents.

A range of welcoming programs are on offer throughout the area, as efforts are made to ensure community cohesion.

Events include Welcome to Gladstone morning tea sessions, information sessions and even come and try days, where new residents can give a hobby a go and hopefully meet other people who have moved to the area.

Community facilities

With Gladstone's strong sense of community comes a wealth of facilities that are available for everyone to enjoy – including those who have brought their family to the region.

One of the main highlights is the Gladstone Aquatic Centre, which holds various events throughout the year and is a great place for kids to play and parents to get to know their neighbours.

You will also find that Gladstone has an abundance of parks and open spaces, giving families the perfect places to enjoy the fantastic climate that the city benefits from all year round.

Libraries are another focal point of the community, with sessions run for everyone from toddlers to adults to help them make the most of what these facilities have to offer.

Keeping the kids entertained

If the Gladstone community facilities aren't enough, there are also other programs that run throughout the year to keep children entertained.

Among the highlights of the year is Gladstone Regional Council's SUNfest, which is available to youngsters between the ages of ten and 17.

Various locations throughout the city get involved in the program that involves a series of free and ticketed events to keep kids busy during the school holidays.

You will also find that Gladstone has its fair share of skate parks, which form a focal point for their respective communities.

They can be found at Bunting Park, Memorial Park, Yarwun Recreation Grounds and the Agnes Water Skate and BMX Facility, so there is never any shortage of reasons to get outside.