Craig Levitt


How Goal Setting helps you Build Wealth

“Chance favours only the prepared mind” Louis Pasteur

By this, Pasteur meant that sudden flashes of insight don’t just happen— they are the result of preparation – which, like any goal, is the key to building wealth.So how does Goal Setting help?
  1. It focuses the mind on what you want.
  2. It creates a compelling vision.
  3. It gets you to ask “How to” questions.
  4. It creates the emotion to drive you.
  5. It causes the mind to find opportunity.
Setting a goal or vision for the future has been shown to immediately impact upon the structure of the brain, causing it to impact both the limbic (emotional brain) and the pre-frontal cortex (thinking brain) which is involved in reason, logic, problem solving, planning, and memory. So in essence the simple practice of creating focus through goal setting means we are automatically creating a process that is genetically designed to help us achieve what we want.So why stop the natural instincts of the brain and the body. We have all been given this amazing skill. SO make sure you use it and set some BIG goals for your future wealth and prosperity.Craig Love with passion, energy & happiness.