Chris Childs


Harbour development set to transform Redland City

There’s no doubt the Brisbane region is growing. The population is steadily rising, business conditions are great and development is rising higher and higher. Among many of the developments occurring around the state, one that stands out is in Redland City.Development in housing and infrastructure can give owners of Queensland investment properties many benefits. The construction work itself means more workers in the area, and once it’s complete, property owners and residents can enjoy new features and facilities. This can help boost values, while making certain areas appeal to anyone looking for a home.New plans were released earlier this year to turn Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour into Priority Development Areas (PDA). These are two fantastic locations for development in the Brisbane region and will transform the area into a thriving waterfront community.Commenting on the plans, Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said they will be the “most exciting” projects the region has seen in recent years. Not only will development in this area improve the transport facilities at the harbour, it also opens up opportunities for residential building, too.Already, the council has received eight strong expressions of interest for developing these two key sites.In a July 30 release, Ms Williams said both Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour have the potential to host boutique hotel accommodation, residential dwellings and conference centres for businesses.“These projects mark a coming of age for this City. They will be catalysts for local job creation and economic growth. They will undoubtedly boost not only the Redlands’ but Queensland’s tourism credentials,” Ms Williams said.What does this mean for rental property owners?As Ms Williams said, development at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek will boost employment in the region, as well as supply benefits to the local economy. With more room for businesses to set up shop and operate at the brand-new harbour, this will bring opportunities for continued employment in the future.In its objectives for the Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour PDAs, the Redland City council said its vision is to provide more housing at these sites and improved transport facilities to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. Open spaces for locals and visitors will boost the livability of this great part of Brisbane, and help drive up tourism numbers.The Queensland government has noted these two areas will see mixed use and medium density residential developments constructed. This means there could be many opportunities for investors to buy units, townhouses or apartments in this fast-growing area.