Chris Childs


Have you got your 20/20 vision for 2020?

How was your 2019? In fact, how was your last 5 years?

Did you achieve everything you wanted? Or is your life on ‘rinse and repeat’ every day?

That isn’t unusual, 90% of people are so busy being busy they just can’t seem to get ahead. Sound familiar?

So … What are you planning to do differently in 2020 to have a different outcome to 2019?

Albert Einstein nailed it when he said the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.

Do you want to be in the 10% of people who achieve financial success? 

Think Money Wealthy and Wise clients do just that. Our clients have a proven track record of paying debt down quickly, using their money effectively and accelerating their wealth to create the secure future they deserve. Let me explain how.

Fast Debt Reduction

The 3 secrets of fast debt reduction are:

1.    Do your banking differently. 

The banks teach you to do your banking to make them the most money. Makes sense really – their first priority is to their shareholders, and their shareholder’s first priority is to make money. It’s a natural progression that the bank’s profit comes from keeping you in debt for as long as possible with as many different loans and high-interest credit cards as possible. 

Asking the bank how to reduce debt and do your banking properly is like asking the mouse where to put the cheese!

2. Get your spending organised.

Most people live pay cycle to pay cycle. At the end of the year when they look at their ‘Annual Income’ amount on their tax return they say ‘where on earth did all that money go?’ Getting control of your money instead of having money controlling you is the quickest and easiest way of having more money. 

Fact: The more organised you are with your money… the more money you will have!

3. Set your goals and make a plan.

You have your banking set up properly and have your spending organised, you can start to make plans for the future. Planning for the future doesn’t mean you have to go without today, in fact, the opposite is true. By setting your goals and having a plan, you will have much more lifestyle now – guilt-free- because you will have eliminated the leakage and wastage from your life, giving you much more money for lifestyle spending – now!

Great Lifestyle

Our clients reduce their home loans faster than they ever dreamed possible while increasing their lifestyle and wealth. It just takes a little bit of financial education.

Debt reduction and weight reduction are quite similar… meaning diets just don’t work in the long term. Let’s face it, we can go without for a while, but eventually, we break out. We yo-yo our way through weight loss and weight gain. The same thing happens if you put your money on a diet. Meaning if we start to starve ourselves of the fun stuff – that won’t last either – we eventually say stuff it – I work hard – I deserve some fun, and you do too!

My clients reduce their debt by finding the ‘leakage and wastage’ that occurs which gives no pleasure. Combining this with the right banking and the results just flow! 

Comfortable retirement

And then there is the long-term goal! A great fun-filled and stress-free retirement. 

When it comes to retirement – Huston, we have a problem. There are tens of thousands of people hurtling towards retirement with nowhere near enough money to maintain their current lifestyle. How are you tracking?

Worse still, Australia’s economy has no way of producing enough money to keep providing and increasing pensions, which is why Australians have one of the lowest pension incomes in the world.

It is important, actually vital, that we create a sound plan of how to set ourselves up for a self-funded retirement. 

That’s where Think Money can help!

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