Lynn Levitt

Holidays? What Holidays…

When I look back to where I was 3 years ago to where I am now…wow! It’s simply amazing.  Just 3 years ago my husband and I walked into Chris Childs office, in a mild state of panic, frustration and definitely a mentality of ‘lack of’. We were full of all the great mistakes we had done over the previous years with regards to property and money. We spent quite a bit of time enlightening Chris on how poorly we had done and all the mistakes we had made.It was music to my ears to learn that not all was lost and all we had to do was follow a plan; a wealth creation plan; set by none other than Chris herself and we would be back on our feet in no time at all. It’s always hard to accept that things will get better when you feel you have been doing it tough, so it was with a little fear that I walked the Think Money path.Well 3 short years later and here we are, about to jet off to Phuket for 2 weeks for a family holiday that I honestly thought would never happen! There’s 6 of us heading to Phuket and Singapore for 2 weeks of fun and laughter. What is so wonderful about this is along the way my husband and I have accumulated 4 investment properties and our own home. We have no credit card debt and the holiday and spending money is all accounted and budgeted for and I assure you we are staying in a beautiful resort with 5 swimming pools!
“Little did I think I would be sitting here writing this information with such a sense of wonderment and enjoyment. What an absolute relief it has been to have someone coach us into what I now call financial freedom.” Lynn
Has it been easy? No. But investing never is unless you surround yourself with people who have done it well and most importantly continue to do so. The team at Think Money are some of the most inspirational and professional people I have ever worked with and they are led from the top.So whilst I sip my coconut cocktail and eat my satay sticks around one of the many pools, I will be happily goal setting our 6th and 7th property for 2016. I will of course also be setting the holiday goals once again and I can’t wait to find out where we all end up next year.Getting in control of your finances leads to wonderous happy things. And whilst money doesn’t solve all things it makes life a whole lot more fun in the process.When’s your next holiday?Lynn x