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Infrastructure improvements make Mackay a must see

Anyone who has ever considered making a real estate investment in Mackay will no doubt have taken a whole host of factors into consideration.

From its location to schools, public open spaces to transport links, there are various factors to think about when deciding whether a location is worth investing in.

Mackay has all of these features in abundance – and the best part is that they are just about to become even better.

A number of infrastructure improvements are being made across the area, which will no doubt create a strong allure for anyone hoping to invest in Queensland rental property.

After all, being able to get from A to B as quickly as possible and knowing that public services are up to the job play an important role when deciding where to live.

What will benefit?

A total of $63 million of funding has been made available for infrastructure improvements across Mackay, which are sure to be welcomed not only by current residents, but also those of the future.

Local roads and drainage works are just two of the areas set to benefit, as over the next 12 months they will receive $35 million in funding.

This will improve the accessibility of the city for a variety of users – bikeways are going to receive a much-needed upgrade, as are pathways to make the area more accessible to pedestrians.

What better way to make Mackay all the more appealing to non-motorists? With people increasingly in search of alternative ways to travel, it seems that this Queensland city certainly fits the bill.

Focus on the city centre

Of course, a city centre is about more than just its accessibility – funding is being made available in Mackay to give the heart of the city a makeover.

"Our aim is to create a pedestrian-friendly, vibrant city centre that portrays a positive image of our region and attracts people back to the CBD," explained economic development portfolio councillor Greg Martin.

There is already plenty going on in Mackay, as the area is proud of its rich heritage and culture – and not to mention extensive arts facilities.

From the Mackay Entertainment Convention Centre to Artspace Mackay, there is always something going on, which makes the city such a popular place with families.

The Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens are also a hot spot among locals and host a range of activities throughout the year.

A sound property investment

Mackay has been one of Queensland's most prominent cities for some time and with these latest improvements, there is no reason why this should change any time soon.

An abundance of high-quality housing stock makes this an excellent place to make a property investment and with more people relocating to the area, rental returns are likely to be strong.