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My BIG Money Goal – 2019


BIG things have been brewing here at the Think Money office.

We are relaunching My BIG Money Goal in a BRILLIANT new format and a HUGE new website very soon!! It’s going to be on an amazing online platform with an interactive dashboard, goal trackers and so much more for you to keep up to date and see your progress.

When we launched in February 2018 we set 52 weeks of Challenges and Mini-sprints into three monthly Challenges following actual months and seasons.

Whats Changing?

We are keeping the amazing format of 12-week challenges and mini-sprints each week; however, we are changing things up to work on 4 week cycles over 52-weeks rather than specific months of a calendar year.  We are taking the seasonality out of the Quarters and adapting the entire program to allow people to start on week one no matter when they commence.

Then what?

The new format and website is going to blow you away.  It will be loaded full of motivational and fun tools to keep you updated and engaged.  We are working hard on getting this completed and hope to be launching in April.

The 12 week challenges and minisprints will still be sent to you each week along with the book recommendations and all of the great downloadable forms and tools, updated to 4 week blocks for the ‘month’ and 12 week challenge goal setting with revisit review and reset sections to keep you on track and celebrating the wins.

Why the change?

Up until now, My BIG Money Goal was created for and used by Think Money clients and formed part of our Debt Reduction program.  Naturally the program was a big part of our face to face program, however, it has proven so successful and popular we are launching My BIG Money Goal nation wide in the next month or two.  A HUGE and exciting step for us.

How is it different?

Like a health and fitness program for your money, My BIG Money Goal will be able to be started any time by anyone and the program will start at Ready, Set Go!  Just like you, new people will also move onto setting the My BIG Money Goal and their Quarterly Challenge and receive Week One of the mini-sprints. It makes sense doesn’t it.

In our current system, we had it running seasonally and monthly, so when someone started they just joined the train, they didn’t get to enjoy all of the commencement weeks and build through the program like the people who started on the 1stof Feb 18, so they missed out on some great material, knowledge, tools and skills.

The plan being it would just roll around to the 1stof Feb and everyone would just start again and the new My BIG Money Goalers would eventually get to sample the entire program. The new system will be much more efficient and effective.

With this great restart, we will have a great program and a huge interactive website. You will have your own portal to track your progress, store your goals, track your moods and attitudes as you move through the program. AMAZING!

What happens in the meantime?

From next week, we will be revisiting my absolute favourite minisprints – I have reviewed the entire year of My BIG Money Goal, and selected my favourites to share with you – I will also include the downloadables so you can get a fresh start on YOUR ‘My BIG Money Goal’ and set your new quarterly challenge.

It is important you don’t just sit back and enjoy the ride, to get the most out of the program make a concerted effort to get involved. Success comes from participation. Just like a piece of exercise equipment, you don’t get any results from just reading the brochure, you have to move it!


Change is exciting, but change can be daunting. Some thrive on it (I know I do). Some hold on tight to what was, hoping they can anchor themselves and stay the same (not possible). The only sure things in this world are Death, Taxes and Change.

Two of my favourite books come to mind when I implement change, so I have added them to today’s email as my recommended reading. Who moved my cheese, and the sequel Out of the Maze. Enjoy!

Let’s get organised

Next week – reset your goals and relook at your banking set up.Revisit READY SET GO! And then Choose it!  Choose YOU’RE My BIG Money Goal and quarterly challenge.


  1. Send me a copy of your goal sheet/s! 
  2. Give me an update on your banking structure, are you using the Traditional method or are you on the New Choices … or does Budgeting for dummies work for you?
  3. Let me know what you have enjoyed most about My BIG Money Goal…

Have a brilliant week and l look forward to sharing my favourites with you over the next few weeks.

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