Chris Childs


If nothing changes, nothing changes

My position at Think Money gives me the opportunity to regularly meet with our fantastic clients to discuss and track their debt reduction.

It’s quite fascinating to watch the changes in attitude for so many of us.  For some the changes happen almost immediately, for others it can take months.With Greg and myself, the changes didn’t start happening until after we had refinanced – about 3 months into our Think Money journey.I had been using the budget tracker and attending all the events but if I’m really honest with myself, I was just sitting back and waiting for the amazing debt reduction that everyone talks about, to start happening to our accounts.The front page (income & expenses tab) of our budget tracker was predicting we would be in deficit each month by about $220 and this was after being refinanced! All my excuses of being over committed with our business and credit card debt were now gone and the truth finally sank in.

We were consistently spending more than we earnt each month.  Seeing the figures in black and white, particularly the amount we were spending on groceries and take away each week was the wake up call I needed.

I finally started to really hear what staff and other clients were saying at Budget Bootcamp.  I listened intently and in awe as to how other clients were reducing their groceries by up to 50% just by changing the way they were doing their planning and shopping.  It finally occurred to me that if we wanted a different outcome, then something had to change because if nothing changes, nothing changes.Whether it is debt reduction, losing weight or anything in life where we want a different result there is no magic. We have to decide how much we want it and what we are prepared to change and then go for it!Ask any of our 100’s of successful clients  “was is easy?”  Some will say ‘yes’ and some will say ‘no’ but they’ll all say it was worth it!Why not book into one of our Goal Mapping sessions soon so you can work out exactly what it is that you want and then come and join us at Budget Bootcamp to learn tricks and tips that might help you get there.Cheers Claire