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Queensland – a forward-thinking state

As any property investor will know, choosing a location that will continue to be profitable for years to come can be a difficult task.

Aside from looking into a crystal ball, it can be tough to know just what lies around the corner, let alone what the situation will be in an area years down the line.

However, one thing that anyone buying a Queensland investment property can be sure of is that efforts are already underway to ensure the state remains sustainable for many decades in the future.

Various towns and cities throughout the region are already putting plans in place to make sure they continue to thrive, which can only prove good news for any investor.

The Queensland Plan

One of these initiatives is the Queensland Plan, which aims to establish what local people want to see their state achieve over the next 30 years.

So far, more than 33,000 people have put forward their views, including local school children, who will be crucial in ensuring the future success of the state.

Ideas that have been put forward so far include a more personalised approach to education, something that is likely to encourage more families to consider relocating to the area.

In turn, this will mean that investors see greater returns on their Queensland rental property, as people moving to the state go in search of high-quality properties.

Queenslanders have also emphasised that they want to see greater involvement in their local communities, which in turn would reduce the economy's reliance on the resource sector.

Having a diverse economy is one factor that many investors look for in an area, not least because this will help to maintain high levels of employment for local people.

Other forward-thinking initiatives

There are also several, more localised initiatives underway to ensure that Queensland remains the place to be for decades to come.

One such example is the Rockhampton Regional Council Towards 2050 Community Plan, which strives to make sure the area remains sustainable well into the future.

The intention is to make Rockhampton the most liveable community in the world, which involves the input of local people, as well as others who have an interest in the city.

Key areas of the region have been identified, such as its land uses, environment, social fabric and infrastructure, all of which will be considered as part of the plan.

A similar situation has arisen in Townsville, where its City Economic Development Plan 2013-17 is underway.

By bringing together businesses and industries from all over the city, it is hoped that the economy will be sustained for many years, as well as bringing new opportunities to the region.

In turn, this should create more jobs and ultimately make Townsville even more popular than it already is.