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Queensland maintains property investment crown

The world of property investing is often a fickle one – an area that proves lucrative at one point may lose favour just a matter of years later.

However, this is not a situation that has been seen in Queensland, which has managed to maintain its status as a property hot spot for some time now.

Investors have recognised that the state's thriving economy, strong employment prospects and hunger for future development are popular with the public – and will continue to be for some time to come.

What Queensland has to offer

As already indicated, Queensland has an enviable mix of characteristics that put it high up on the agenda of anyone looking for an investment property.

Over recent years, the resources boom has brought large numbers of workers to the state, not only from other parts of Queensland, but also from elsewhere in the country and beyond.

With this influx of workers not only came the need for high-quality rental property, but also the infrastructure to be able to support the mining sector.

Queensland stood up to the mark, with areas such as the Surat Basin and Rockhampton investing heavily in making sure the boom could be a success – which it certainly turned out to be.

Of course, Queensland is about more than its resources sector. Its provision of top educational and healthcare facilities, transport links and other features make it a must see for any serious property investor.

Standing out from the crowd

Queensland has long been a standout performer in the Australian property market, as recently identified by's founder Terry Ryder.

In an article for the Property Observer, he stressed that "the state has stronger, [more] prosperous regional areas than anywhere else in the nation and many of those places have well-established records for growth".

He expressed that there are various hubs throughout the region that appeal to property investors – not least Gladstone, which is widely considered as the nation's leading industrial city.

Mount Isa is another major contributor to the economy, as despite being a remote mining town, it still boasts in excess of 20,000 residents.

Looking to the future

Unlike some other parts of the country, Queensland is not a state that rests on its laurels. Instead, efforts are being made to ensure it will continue to thrive for years to come.

The mining boom still has much to offer, and Queensland has even more strategies to support its economy – from the financial centre of Brisbane to the industrial heritage of Gladstone, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

The state continues to be a wise choice for any property investment – the only difficulty is deciding where!