Craig Levitt


Remember your future!

Confused? I learnt this phrase this year from neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza.

What does this mean? It means that you can create a memorable future event, just as easily as you can create a memory from the past. And given that memories carry emotions, and emotion is the strongest motivator, creating a memory of the future will help motivate you towards achieving it.Let’s think about this. A memory (from the past) is just an event that happened with a strong emotion attached to it. That’s how you can remember it, because you attached emotion to it. And when you remember, it feels real, doesn’t it? It can feel just as real as when the actual event happened.So let’s create a memory of the future. Think of an event (a goal) that you would like to happen. Really visualise yourself achieving that goal. You have to believe it has already happened. Now how do you feel. Really get emotionally attached to this event. And presto you have created a future memory. And now every time you ‘remember your future’ and feel the emotion, you are actually helping yourself move towards it because your emotions will cause you to create energy and take action. It’s all to do with neuroscience and quantum physics.There are a number of other techniques like this you can use to help you achieve your goals for 2017. Be sure to come along to one of my Goals 4 Wealth and Life workshops or Blokes, Beers and Goals workshops to find out more.Cheers,Craig Live with energy, passion & happiness.