Chris Childs


So… How are those resolutions going?

Did you know there are 7 key steps to allow you to achieve everything you want? The first one is probably the most important.

Key 1: Know what you want

Sounds simple you think, of course, you know what you want. I have people tell me what they want every day, 90% of people tell me they want:

1. To be debt free, own their own home, be financially free
– Which means they want to have enough money.

2. Have a comfortable retirement
– Which means they want to have enough money

3. Travel
– Which means they want to have enough money

4. Help their kids
– Which means they want to have enough money.

The last 10% of people add slight variations like, they want to be charitable, they want to start a successful business, they want to be successful. Less than 1% mention health – but… they are here to discuss money, so health is probably important to them too.

These 4 things are their TOP priority, yet… 90% of people haven’t spent any real time on a plan to achieve them. There is no blueprint, no plan, nothing organised. Yet they want to achieve them. This isn’t uncommon. Less than 3% of people have written goals, and less than 3% of those with written goals have any sort of plan set to help achieve them.

Consider the absolute top 4 things on your WANT list. Stop, pick up a pen, get a piece of paper (preferably start this process in a beautiful hard covered book – this can be the beginning of an incredible journey) and write a list – write a list of everything you want, it doesn’t matter how big and seemingly unachievable – once you have your list, choose your absolute number one goal or want… now consider, what are you doing on a daily basis to achieve that goal? Are you doing anything to take you in the right direction? Probably not, and that’s ok, you aren’t alone – 90% of people just don’t know how to start…

January 1 arrived with a flurry and loads of promise, you probably watched the New Year fireworks with a glass in hand and you probably spent more time on planning the social and food aspects of Christmas and New Year than you did on your success plans for the next 12 months.

Time to change that.

Make this your year to set your own personal blueprint to achieve your goals.

I have created a program to help my clients make their wealth blueprint and then create a plan to achieve their desired result.

The 5 Weeks to Wealth program will cover the 7 key steps to achieving everything you want.

Make your success your personal priority this year, plan to get to next January 1 with a clear vision of where you are going, and a long list of successes already achieved on the journey.

I look forward to working with you to achieve just that!

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