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Taps and Drains… affect your wealth!

Which ones are you letting guide your life?

Have you ever noticed some people are like drains, they constantly pull you into a downward spiral of negativity, fear, and depression? While other people are a life flow of positivity and motivation, just like turning on a tap, they gush with the good things in life and are a pleasure to be around. Having a negative attitude can dramatically affect the end result of your wealth, so can a positive one!

I read a short but potent blog from Seth Godin that inspired me, it was exactly that, reminding me of the importance of ‘faucets and drains’. I am always talking about mixing with the right people and creating your perfect ‘herd’, however, the taps and drains analogy really gave me a clear visual – loved it!

What has all of that got to do with wealth? You need a positive and strong mindset to manage the ups and downs of creating wealth. It isn’t easy and sometimes it can get on top of you, making it easy to make bad decisions simply because your resilience is lowered and it is harder to see the big picture and the long game if you are sitting in a hole.

It is easy to let the little things that can be a bit trying at times actually seem like big things if you have a negative mindset. For a successful financial outcome, it helps to work on having a positive and happy attitude. This can get undermined so easily by the people you mix with. The Taps and Drains in your life!

Here are 5 easy steps to help you turn the taps on wider – and help plug the drains.

There are 2 types of drains, the drain of someone being constantly whiney, negative and a pain to be around – or should I say a drain! Then there are the ‘things’ that happen that by our attitude or by pure habit, we allow to be a drain on us e.g. our financial situation, not enjoying our work, feeling stuck in our current situation.

There are also 2 types of taps, one is finding that person or people who are just a breath of fresh air to be around, always happy and excited to see you, always ready with a hug and a smile, and full of compassion but uplifting advice, and then there is the joy within you. How you feel is actually your personal choice. Sometimes that is hard to hear because it actually rests the blame on you, and we all hate being at fault don’t we – it’s so much easier to blame someone else… (there is that drain again).

Here are 5 easy steps to plug the drains, 5 steps to turn on the taps and then I am going to give you some very sage advice about controlling your mindset too!  Ready?…

5 easy steps to plugging the drains and turning the taps on!

1. Analyse everyone you mix with on a daily, weekly or regular basis

Make lists. Grab a fresh piece of paper and draw 3 columns. Headed with the following:

  • Family & close friends
  • Work & social friends
  • Professionals & business

2. Write down everyone you mix with regularly in the right columns and now with two different coloured highlighters, or with a tick and a cross mark the taps and mark the drains

3. Make a plan to minimise the damage

  • The first column – you may not be able to eradicate the drains, but you now need to make a plan of how to minimise the damage they cause to your mindset and work out ways to turn their frowns upside down. If you are positive around them and change the topic of conversation when it is depressing or negative and find the good things in everything, you should be able to minimise the negativity. If it is worse than that, try to reduce the contact where possible without causing World War 3.
  • The second column – eradicate or severely restrict the drains. If you work with them, you will have to implement some of the strategies from the first column. However, if there is a choice – for example with social friends, try to change your herd. You do become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely.
  • The third column – look at who you are gaining knowledge from or working with professionally. Choose wisely. If they aren’t turning on the tap for you full bore – find someone who is. Again, you are in control and this is totally your choice!

4. Analyse yourself, your mindset, your natural line in the sand

Are you a naturally positive person, or do you struggle with a negative mindset, play the blame game and enjoy gossip? It is vital to retrain your brain to be naturally positive. Don’t despair – it is achievable with effort, and it will literally change your life!

5. Build resilience – practice a positive mindset.

Create a pattern to assist you to shield yourself against the ‘drains’ in your life. Make a morning ritual, meditate, improve your vitality with good food and exercise, read good books, listen to motivation podcasts and speakers – this will turn the taps on full bore!

Positive Mindset

The amazing difference being in a naturally positive mindset can make to your life is difficult to comprehend when most of the time, most people who are naturally negative would deny the fact vehemently. Most people don’t recognise faults in themselves – only in others, so trying to define which side of the invisible line you are on is hard.

Most of us would say we are definitely on the right side, it is those around us who aren’t – cute hey!? If you want to see just how positive you are, take the complaint free challenge, see how many days you can go without saying anything negative or complaining! You need to try to get to 30 days complaint free. Every time you complain, just like Groundhog Day – you go back to day one. It is really, really hard – but it certainly makes you realise just how your brain is thinking and gives you the opportunity to work on it.

A happy and positive mindset helps you manage the occasional glitch that will naturally occur when you are dealing with the ups and downs of creating and maintaining a property portfolio.

Good luck with plugging your drains!

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