Craig Levitt


The What, Why and How of Goals.

Over the years I have done an enormous amount of research on the specific subject of setting goals.This has lead me review the many, many specific goal setting techniques that exist and that our recommended by some of the world’s leading experts in personal and professional development.

 What I’ve found are particular commonalities between the techniques and if I can really break them down, it comes to three steps:

1. WHAT do you want?

2. WHY do you want it? &

3. HOW do I get it?

So what do you want? And you must get as specific as you possibly can. It’s not good enough to say, ‘I want a new car’. I want you to know: what brand, what model, what colour?Why do you want it? This is when you must unpack what achieving this goal really means to you? How do you feel about it? How will you feel when you achieve it – happy, excited, proud etc. In other words, you need to “Get Emotional” about your goal so that you can almost see it and feel it achieved.How do you get it? This is the one most people get hung up on. Obviously if you are working towards a goal that is something you have never done before, chances are you won’t know what to do – that’s why you don’t have it! Most people therefore take no action, getting stuck in the not knowing or worse still thinking the next step is too big or too difficult. You must try to just take action on what you believe is ‘the next right move’. This doesn’t have to be a big step, just a simple small step that moves you closer. Try this yourself, and I believe you will begin to find some momentum such that the task will appear less daunting.And remember, don’t get too focussed on the How. Focus on the What & Why will generally lead you in the right direction for action. CraigLove with passion, energy & happiness.