Chris Childs

Time, where does it go?

I think we all have a little bit of the same problem with time… life gets so busy and before you know it another month has slipped by and we haven’t done half of what we were hoping to achieve.

Can you believe we are in September – I saw a message the other day that there are only 15 weeks left till Christmas… As I am writing this there are just over 100 days!! CRAZY!! Where does the time go?

How do we solve this never-ending rollercoaster of time and stress? There are some great solutions and pressure relievers:

  1. Getting Organised
    The more organised you are with anything the more you have of it! It’s so true, the more organised you are with your space – the more space you have, the more organised you are with your money – the more money you have… and the more organised you are with your time, the more time you have.
  2. Prioritising
    by working out what is important to you, making that a priority, and eliminating or delegating the unimportant things in your life is extremely effective.

I often get asked how I manage to fit so much into my life… I run a few businesses, look after my clients, have time to create and develop new ideas and programs and still make time for the nice stuff like spending time with my Grandson, cruising and holidaying regularly, traveling with Jack to his race meetings and spending time with friends and family. It comes by planning, prioritising and eliminating.

The easiest way to start is to have a good diary or planner (I still love working with a paper version). I certainly also run an electronic calendar – however, I wouldn’t be without my paper-based planner! They say that the handwritten notes, goals, and plans have a much bigger effect on your brain and therefore work better than typed notes… Interesting (there are a lot of studies proving this – have a browse online for more )

Finding a diary – a good one isn’t easy. I happened across a great one a couple of years ago and I have been ordering them online ever since, however, I must say I have been blown away by a young entrepreneurial Brisbane guy – Will Hagan who had the same issues as me – finding good diaries hard to get… So he made his own! More than a diary – it is a complete system! I love it and will be using it – it comes out next month for 2020!

My Best Year Yet Diary

Click here for the link to check it out too – I can recommend it highly!

The benefits of using a good system are it keeps everything together and in one place. It allows you to write your goals down, review them regularly and make time to incorporate your daily habits to ensure you are achieving them. A combination of to-do lists and priorities means it is easier to succeed.

At the end of the day – if you want a different result to what you are currently getting, you really do need to do something different.

Getting your time management happening isn’t easy – but it is certainly worth it!

Working out what your priorities – is even harder!

Here is my challenge to you! Work out what you want, and then you may be able to see more clearly what your priorities should be…


Sit down and work out what it is you really want…. Everything, randomly, in any order, just get it written down – strive for at least 50 things on the list. Write the Numbers 1 – 50 down the page and then start putting your hearts desires next to them. They can be BIG or really small – just get them out of your head and on to paper…


  1. Trip to Europe
  2. Plant a veggie garden
  3. Have a weekend away in the hinterland
  4. Clean out the Garage
  5. Lose 10 kgs
  6. Buy a new car

When you have at least 50 – we want to prioritise your top five. How? Easy, you take the first one and compare it to the second one and work out the winner. You then take the winner and compare it against the 3rd one and again select the winner… Continue doing this through the whole list and you will have found your no 1 ‘goal’. Write it down on another page marked 1-5. Repeat the process to get the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Your brain can only really concentrate on a max of five goals at once… It doesn’t make the other things unable to be achieved… We just want to concentrate on the top five.

Now you have the beginning of the plan. I found this system in a book called The Passion Test – by Janet Attwood. Changed my life… I recommend reading it (I do regularly).

What do you need to do to start to achieve these top five goals?

It probably isn’t scrolling through Facebook and it probably isn’t playing that little game app on your iPhone. It isn’t many of the things that burn up a few minutes here and an hour or so there…. time is precious – how are you spending yours?

What will help is getting a little more organised. I found setting myself up for success was as easy as spending some quality time on myself.

I set up a morning ritual, with 10 minutes of meditation, reading some good books, some time for my writing, and planning out my day and my priorities meant I had a brilliant start to the day.

What I eliminated that gave me the time to do that was Facebook, starting the day by checking my phone and emails and staying up late watching an extra show or two which meant I could get up earlier.

Life is busy and tough enough without setting yourself up for failure, stress or anxiety. 

Do yourself a favour – be kind to yourself, and often this starts with getting organised which relieves pressure and gives you more time for yourself.

What are your goals for the next 12 months, for the next five years?

What have you achieved in the same time… e.g. the last one or five years.

If you aren’t getting anywhere fast… It might be time to do something different?

If you want help with a plan, give me a call, I’m happy to have a chat and see what I can do to help.

Talk soon,

P.S. don’t forget to check out Will’s Diary! Click here.