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Toowoomba – the location of your next investment property?

Finding a place that offers a perfect balance between property investment opportunity, an enviable lifestyle and an array of amenities and services is not always easy – but Toowoomba has the lot.

Located on the Great Dividing Range, Toowoomba has made a name for itself as a property hot spot, which has encouraged people to relocate to the area from far and wide.

One of the great things about Toowoomba is that it is always evolving, so there is something for existing residents to look forward to and plenty of reasons for more people to move to the region.

A connected city

Toowoomba is a city with all the right connections – three major highways help link it to other parts of Queensland, making moving around the state as quick and easy as possible.

The Warrego, Gore and New England each provide a connection to another part of the state, meaning that the links of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are never too far away.

Public transport links are not in short supply, either. Bus services are available throughout the city, while efforts have been made to improve walking and cycle paths over recent years.

Finding the best opportunities

Toowoomba has a diverse portfolio of industries, which might help explain why its population has experienced a boom over recent years.

Whether you work in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture or retail, there is no shortage of opportunities in the region when it comes to finding employment.

Toowoomba is also considered to be the gateway to the Surat Basin, which is widely regarded as one of the state's most resource-rich areas.

As a result, the city has benefited from large levels of investment over recent years, the effects of which will no doubt be felt for many generations to come.

More than just a city

Cities usually conjure up images of high-rise buildings and congested roads, whereas in Toowoomba, efforts have been made to enhance outdoor spaces and give the area greater appeal.

From well-maintained parks to recreational facilities, residents of Toowoomba are keen to make the most of the great outdoors, which makes it an ideal place to purchase investment property.

Despite being the ninth largest local government area in Queensland, Toowoomba has a distinct sense of community about it that makes it so popular with people from all over the state and beyond.

Tourism is a major part of the local economy, which is boosted by events that take place in the city throughout the year.

For example, Easterfest draws in national and international visitors, as do other festivities such as the Hampton High Country Food & Arts Festival and the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.