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Top reasons to consider a Mackay property investment

Anyone with an interest in property investing cannot help but have noticed Mackay as they carry out their research.

The area has long been a property hot spot, with people travelling from all over Queensland and beyond to make the most of what it has to offer.

So what exactly is it that makes Mackay such a lucrative place for a Queensland property investment? Here are just some of the reasons it has maintained its position among investors over recent years.


When selecting any investment property, local infrastructure is undoubtedly a primary concern.

Mackay is well-connected to other parts of the state, offering various transport options for local, interstate and even international travel.

Efforts are being made to improve infrastructure further – at present, a number of projects are underway, such as the construction of a new walk and cycle path along the old rail corridor in the east of the city.

Furthermore, as part of the Active Towns Pilot program, an upgrade is being made to the PCYC cycle program, which encourages primary school students to take up two-wheeled travel.

Embracing technology

With the digital age comes a new set of requirements for property investors – and Mackay is leading the pack.

The city recently switched onto the National Broadband Network (NBN), which will bring superfast internet connections to homes and businesses all over the city.

Speeds have more than doubled as a result of the NBN – a factor that is likely to appeal to anyone who relied on the internet for work or pleasure.

Environmentally aware

Mackay is a city that takes environmental awareness very seriously, which spells good news for its future sustainability.

In fact, the regional council has been granted a 2013 Keep Queensland Beautiful Heritage and Culture award, making it just one of nine winners across the state.

Mackay Regional Council has also become the first council in the country to be awarded a green star through Planet Footprint’s 26 Australian Gold Standard councils scheme.

As people become more aware of their surroundings, it is achievements such as these that are likely to prove appealing to property investors.

Plenty of outdoor spaces

Making the most of the great outdoors is high on many people's wish lists, which might help explain Mackay's growing popularity.

From the Bluewater Trail to the various parks throughout the city, residents never have to go far to enjoy the city's amiable climate and positive atmosphere.

Mackay's great location means that enjoying open parkland or taking a stroll down the coastline are both within easy reach to anyone who likes to be out in the fresh air.