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What does the future have in store for the Darling Downs?

The Darling Downs has secured itself a place as one of Queensland's property hot spots over recent years, drawing investors from throughout the state and the rest of the country.

Significant developments have taken place all over the region recently, leading many industry experts to question what the future has in store for the area.

With many cities proving their mettle to potential investors, it is becoming more important than ever to demonstrate just why a certain place is worthy of making a real estate investment.

After all, for a property investment to remain profitable in the long-term, there needs to be plenty of reasons for people to want to stay in an area.

Thankfully, the Queensland state government has made attempts to ensure this is the case, leaving many people glad that they made an investment in the region.

Central Queensland and Darling Downs Regional Plans

The Darling Downs has been included in the Central Queensland and Darling Downs Regional Plans, which have been put forward to gain residents' views on what can be improved throughout the region.

The aim is to provide greater certainty for towns in the area, explained acting premier Jeff Seeney, which will no doubt help attract yet more investment in the months and years ahead.

"Both regions have a strong agricultural base and a well-established resource sector and these powerful economic sectors will continue to drive the state's economy," the minister commented.

The plan includes many of the most prominent places in the region: Balonne Shire Council, as well as the Goondiwindi, Maranoa, Southern Downs, Toowoomba and Western Downs regional councils.

It is hoped that the relationship between agriculture and the resources sector will be enhanced as a result of the plan, therefore improving opportunities for employment in both industries.

Focus on Toowoomba

One of the most prominent economic centres in the Darling Downs region is Toowoomba, which has also been earmarked for development over the next two decades.

The Toowoomba Region Economic Development Strategy covers nine key areas, which the local council believes will help drive the city forward and improve on its already attractive features.

Among the areas for consideration are skills and training, economic and business governance, sustainable regional centres and improving the experience offered to visitors.

By offering such a well-rounded approach, Toowoomba is likely to continue to thrive well into the future, attracting more investors in search of a Queensland rental property.

The council has pledged to learn from mistakes that have been made in the past and to move in the right direction to ensure the city meets its full potential.