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What opportunities does Cloncurry offer property investors?

There are many places where people should be thinking about buying a Queensland investment property at the moment – and Cloncurry is certainly one of them.

The remote historic town is located around 770 kilometres west of Townsville and it has made a name for itself among investors over recent years.

Like many parts of Queensland, Cloncurry has benefited immensely from the resources boom, which has led investors to sit up and take notice of this thriving town.

There is, of course, much more working in favour of the town than just its industrial success, as its population boom has led to significant investment being made in the area during recent times.

A diverse industrial centre

As stated, although Cloncurry has no doubt benefited from the mining boom, this is far from the only reason that investors should consider making a real estate investment in the area.

Cloncurry is in the enviable position of bringing in income from a range of sources, including agriculture and, over more recent years, outback tourism.

Data from the latest Census showed that 19.4 per cent of people in the town were employed as machinery operators and drivers, while labouring was the second most popular profession with 16.8 per cent.

This illustrates that the people of Cloncurry tend to have practical, transferable skills that make them invaluable to a range of sectors – and encouraging them to stay in the area to find work.

How mining has shaped Cloncurry

Of course, Cloncurry's employment landscape has no doubt changed since this last Census was conducted, with mining companies bringing new opportunities to the area.

One of the biggest projects in the area is Ernest Henry Mining, which is focused on copper, gold and magnetite mining and is found 38 kilometres north-east of Cloncurry.

This has proved a crucial project for Xstrata Copper and, more importantly for investors, has encouraged workers to head to Cloncurry from interstate and beyond.

Cudeco has also started mining operations close to the town and continues to offer employment prospects to anyone with skills and knowledge in the resources sector.

Offering much more to the local community

While employment opportunities are no doubt an important aspect for property investors to take into consideration, the facilities available in the local area should also play a role.

Cloncurry has a strong community ethos and this is reflected in the sports and recreational facilities that are available in the town.

From the Cloncurry Equestrian Centre to Cloncurry Swimming Pool, residents will find there is always plenty on offer in their local area.

The best part is that with investment still being pumped into the town, these opportunities are only likely to increase over years to come.