Craig Levitt


What is your Relationship with Money?

Fear – Scarcity – Worry – Anxiety – Anger – Regret – Shame – Embarrassment – Jealousy

Most people’s relationship with money is negative. Sure we all like to have it, but many of us are truly fearful of not having it. Ever heard of FOMO – fear of missing out! If we were to apply as much time on a focus of having money rather than not, we would probably be millionaires already!

Focus is such an important part of getting what we want.

If you are in a business it’s about a focus on sales, or a focus on customer service, or a focus on staff that will bring you the rewards you desire. If it’s about goals for money, relationships, career, it’s the same principal. Focus on what you want, and I mean EXACTLY what you want and it will go a long way towards getting you there.Focus activates our Reticular Activating System (RAS) which in effect acts like an antenna, searching for anything that will help us achieve what is important to us. So rather than focussing on any of the words above – when it comes to money, turn your focus to some of the following instead:Abundance – Joy – Happiness – Success – Excitement – FunUse the power of your brain to move towards money and what you want, rather than the debilitating power of fear to move away from. Maybe it may even be more enjoyable if you changed your outlook on money.Cheers, CraigLive with energy, passion & happiness.