Chris Childs


  1. Change your thoughts to change your behaviour – create certainty

    Taking the first step requires taking action and the action is to set a financial goal. Once the goal is set, you can then set a plan to gather the required information to change your thoughts to create new wealth beliefs that will allow you to make the brave decisions you need to make in order to attain financial success. If you surround yourself with like-minded people and develop a great mindset, you will create certainty.
  2. Embrace the change and challenges you will face

    We all like to be in control, as most people fear uncertain change. The way to overcome fear is with knowledge. What knowledge? The answer lies in seeking out anything or anyone that will help you embrace your goal. If that goal is financial security then you need to take action. Go to a seminar, listen in on a webinar, read books, discuss options with property and wealth experts, or join a financial property group and surround yourself with people who have what you want.
  3. Create a great financial mindset

    Stop procrastinating and talking about what you know and look for something you don’t know! Find new information. Talk to me about what you want and where you would like to be in three months, six months, two years, five years and ten years time. The key to financial freedom is what you don’t know, not what you know now and have been doing. What is it that you can do differently? Is there a better way to reach your financial goals? Creating a great financial mindset requires asking questions and means getting uncomfortable. It’s learning about  your budget, where you spend your money, what you can do with your money and getting advice from experts.
  4. Use your goals to keep you forward moving

    If you vividly imagine reaching your financial goals and the life that comes with them, you will be more likely to attain them and be happier along the way. Happiness is the key and is a definite link to a wealth mindset. You must write down your goals. Post your goals in visible places to remind yourself everyday of what it is you intend to do.
  5. Don’t go it alone

    Procrastination, fear and neglect are the most common causes for lack of financial security. It’s important to have a good support team – often people who are not related to you can be the best support. When you are embarking on a new venture or learning curve that may be outside your family or friends comfort zone, they may try to talk you out of taking action. Surround yourself with like-minded professionals, and most importantly, advisors who have wealth and a wealth mindset.Chris