Chris Childs

Decluttering, it is so liberating.

Decluttering, it is so liberating. Hopefully our My BiG Money Goal clients are getting into our new quarterly which is all about Decluttering.

Decluttering your home is only the beginning. We are looking at decluttering every part of our lives, our homes, our money, our work space, our paperwork – and most importantly our minds! Totally liberating! The more organised you are the more you have – especially money and time!

Have you ever considered actually decluttering your time?

When you ask anyone how they are have you noticed the answer 99 times out of 100 is OMG! I am so busy!

We all have the same amount of time, yet some people seem to be super human, they can seem to manage so many things and still have time left over.

We all have:

  • 365 days in the next year
  • 8760 hours in the next year
  • 525,600 minutes in the next year
  • 31,536,000 seconds in the next year

What are you going to do with them?

Let’s look at what most people do…

With the 8760 hours:

  • We sleep an average of 2548 hours (7 hours x 7 days x 52)
  • Spend 546 hours eating (1.5 hours x 7 days x52)
  • Spend 2262 hours at work and traveling to and from work
  • Bathroom and personal grooming takes about 365 hours
  • Shopping, cleaning, cooking and housework burns through 750 hours
  • Banking, Tax, official appointments take about 104 hours

That actually leaves us with roughly 2185 hours to do whatever we want. That is as much as a standard full time job.

How many of these hours are you going to use to improve your health, your life, your health, your financial situation, your relationships or your knowledge?

We can burn these hours up so easily with pure waste that gives you no real pleasure, like facebook, trash magazines, computer games, staring at your phone or watching TV.

We can waste some more of them mixing with the wrong people, being drawn into whining, gossip and complaining.

OR we can make the most of them. Spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones, you could read good books, or learn a new skill, you could improve your life.

Declutter your time, your day, your week – and you will be amazed at just how much time you actually have! Set a plan – try having a morning ritual.

Decluttering your time leads to decluttering your life, your mind, your house and your money… as I said … totally liberating.

Our third quarter of my big money goal is ‘Spring is in the Air’ and a big part of it is all about decluttering. If you aren’t already a part of this great program, please call and make a time to have a chat about how the program can change your life, and your finances.

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Until then, have an awesome week.