Chris Childs

Happy New Year!! … Or at least Happy Financial New Year!

Are you one of the 82%? Apparently 82% of Australians are in the same financial position or went backwards financially in the last 12 months! That means only 18% improved their position. (ABS/Ausstats)

So, what are you going to achieve this year? We all get excited about 1st of January, but 1st of July could become the new BIG CHANGE that you need to get ahead.

At Think Money we are determined to make a difference! In fact, in the last 12 months 100 of our clients reduced their mortgages by a staggering $5.2 million. That is an average reduction of $52k each! – if that was you Congratulations!! If it wasn’t – let’s focus on getting a big number for you next year!

We had another 4 people pay their home loans off completely in record time – some under 5 years instead of 25. I would love to put you on that list!!

If you didn’t crack a big number this year – let’s look at what are they doing differently? A lot of things, mostly small stuff – but it is amazing how the small stuff really adds up! Let’s face it – $52k isn’t to be sneezed at.

When we launched My BIG Money Goal and our new Budget App this year. To say this put our debt reduction program on steroids is an understatement. However, the exciting thing about the program is that is has not only improved our client’s financial lives, it has had a brilliant run-on effect in every part of their lives – and has helped the planet big time too.

We teach what I call ‘Dumb Stuff’. Everything from storing your veggies properly to meal planning and waste avoidance.  ‘Leakage and wastage’ of your money is where we can save hundreds of dollars a month without reducing your lifestyle. This means a couple of things – a lower mortgage, credit card debt reducing fast, and less and less going to the dump – saving the planet!

The reduction in your grocery bill equates to a reduction in the weight of your wheelie bin when you push it to the curb.

And we don’t stop there – once the leakage and wastage are under control, and the ‘dumb stuff’ is learnt, our clients have fun increasing their wealth – buying property and getting their futures sorted.

So… again, what did you do last year?  What are you going to do this year? Are you moving forward, standing still or … going backwards.  Might be time to come back and have a chat with us and see if we can help you make this year – your best year yet!

And don’t forget we are at the pointy end for tax claims – are you maximising your tax deductions? Property investing done correctly can minimise your tax to $0!! Would you like to get the tax man and other people to pay you?

Buying an investment property is the first step to maximising your tax returns – as long as you buy the right ones! Buying brand new means you are going to maximise your returns. Depreciation is just one of the deductions – and did you know it goes on for 42 years or so??

At Think Money, we make sure we have Accountants who are experts in maximising your property deductions. They form a part of our Success Team along with Superannuation specialists, Insurance Brokers, Solicitors for Conveyancing and for Wills and enduring powers of attorney and many more.

If you feel you don’t have a lot of deductions, and you want to let other people help make you wealthy – it might be worth considering having a property portfolio. You get to use OPM – other people’s money (the banks) to buy the property, and OPM (the tenant and the tax man) to pay it off – it can be that simple.

If you haven’t been in to see us before, or you haven’t been in for a while… there are heaps of new things happening at Think Money – come in and say ‘gidday’ soon!

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See you soon,

Chris Childs