Chris Childs

How to use your money to create Financial Security

Money is the most talked about topic in the world. It has stated wars, ended marriages and created more stress in people’s lives than anything else in the world. While we all know money can’t buy happiness, it tends to buy a lot of the things we perceive creates it. Money certainly creates peace of mind! While we can list many things more important then money, like health and family, few of us can live without it. Having enough money is the easiest way to have an easy and stress-free life, but how much money is enough? I often see people just scrapping by on a single income of $45,000 and see another family just scrapping by on $125,000. We all tend to live to the edge of our income. At Think Money we help you learn the secrets of managing money to work towards creating financial security for you. Starting with a good Cash Management System is the first step to getting control of your money. Getting your personal finances under control and cleaning up any credit card and consumer debt is next. Then we look at the big picture of investing. The more organised you are with your money the more you will have. You need to set up your finance platform so that you can save, invest and prosper without reducing your lifestyle. !Look forward to seeing you soon.Chris Childs