Chris Childs

Reducing Debt and Reducing Weight Are Very Similar

They are both hard… but they are both worth it…
There are so many times when we have tried to save money and ended up putting our money on a diet. Dieting just doesn’t work, without super human will power, for weight reduction or debt reduction.

The reason for this is simple. We hate restriction, we hate going without and while we may cope with this for a while, we often only last a little while and then say, ‘stuff it’ and break out. Then we go back to square one again.

It’s just like they say when you want to lose weight – it needs to be a lifestyle change (I often have rolled my eyes at this one) but, turns out it’s true…  The same can be said for saving money or reducing debt. It needs to be a lifestyle change.

Changing your lifestyle with money, as with your health and fitness, doesn’t have to be that hard. Sometimes just a few simple steps is all it takes to make a momentous difference. The biggest trick is finding the leakage and wastage of money oozing from your life that, if you plug the flow, doesn’t reduce your lifestyle. It is simple, easy to do and amazingly few people actually do it.

I have written an ebook on My Top 5 Life Hacks to saving money – well worth the read.

Download the 'My Top 5 Life Hacks' ebook

Think Money’s debt reduction program has certainly been kicking some massive goals, we did a recent audit of 100 clients and found over the last 12 months we have reduced home loan debt by an amazing $5.2million!! That means these clients have averaged $52k mortgage reduction each in 12 months.

We have had another 4 people pay their mortgages off entirely! How good would that feel?

The new Think Money program – ‘My BIG Money Goal’ has certainly inspired many to succeed with their money goals. I believe it is the added focus the 12 week challenges and the fun weekly mini sprints gives you. It keeps things fresh and keeps you on track.

So…are you reaching your money goals, or are you following the banks plan of taking 25-30 years to pay off a home loan that could be gone in 5-7 years instead.

If you would like to hear more about how you could reduce your mortgage fast – give me a call today.  It could be the one phone call you make this year that literally changes your life.

Talk soon,
Chris Childs