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Welcome to FEBRUARY!!

What a month it has been already! The launch of My BIG Money Goal is the hot topic around the office and the client buzz has been amazing too.

If there was ever to be a revolution to Fast Debt Reduction – this will be it! We launched My BIG Money Goal (MBMG) at our Budget Bootcamp recently and it was a smash hit. If this week has been anything to go on, we have nailed it.

MBMG will accelerate your results big time! Combining the power of the right banking set up and the sheer force that focus gives you helps you manage your money like a health and fitness program. With 12 week challenges and 3 mini sprints per month during the challenge, we are going to see results like you wouldn’t believe.

This will not only change your life financially with a strong money saving and debt reduction focus, the program is holistic and will be helping to improve every area of your life and wellbeing.

It is goal focused

The quarterly challenges – selecting your main goal for the quarter.
The 10 mini goals which help you choose and focus on other achievements you want for the quarter – the BIG MONEY GOAL. The 4 new mini habits all help bring you back to the core of who you are and what you are wanting to achieve. The program is set up in quarterly challenges, each of which has a new focus of improvement. As well as the underlying money saving, debt reduction or saving for that BIG MONEY GOAL, It will also be focusing on health and wellbeing, decluttering, planning and safety nets as well as lifestyle and leisure.

It is results focused

The tracking of what you have achieved in the money side of your life, your mini habits, the end of month, end of quarter review as well as reset modules ensure you know what you have achieved. This allows you to celebrate your successes (and gives you the occasional smack on the hand). It also gives you the ability to adjust your sails and set your path for the next month of the challenge, or reset for the new quarterly challenge.

It is growth focused

Combining the mini habits, the book suggestions each week, the fact sheets to explain the science behind each step, the gratitude and motivation areas and information ensures the program is holistic in nature.

It is socially focused

You are not alone, as well as our brilliant team holding your hand throughout the journey, we have combined a monthly event to attend – Budget Bootcamp filled with lots of fun and ideas, learning and laughter. We also have our private Facebook group where people can share their ideas and discuss their results, recipes and budget tips. By mixing with like minded people you will stay on track and enjoy the journey.

If you haven’t connected or got involved yet – now is the time, we are just starting and it’s never too late to join the party!

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What is your big money goal, and how are you progressing towards it? How much did you reduce your mortgage by last year? Are you being drained of your hard earned cash by paying interest on credit cards, car loans or store cards?

Time to connect or reconnect – My BIG Money Goal can help you get yours!

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