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3 alternative reasons people want Queensland investment property

The sale of new properties is a great way to gauge how a state or territory’s property market is doing. That’s because it isn’t just a measure of buyer demand, but also of the supply of brand new properties that are coming to market.If you look at the latest figures from the Housing Industry Association, you can see that Queensland actually had the best result for new home sales in January 2016! With a 7.9 per cent increase, we just edged out Western Australia (7.3 per cent) and were well ahead of Victoria and New South Wales.So clearly, we’re a very popular place to buy new homes – and with good reason. Capital gains look strong, and we’re more affordable than Sydney or Melbourne. But why else might people turn their eye for wealth creation to in the Sunshine State? We’ve come up with a few more reasons people might want to buy here – check them out!
Not the best place for property investment, but a potent attraction nonetheless!Not the best place for property investment, but a potent attraction nonetheless!
We’re a natural treasureAcross the entire country, there are only 19 World Heritage Areas that are recognised by UNESCO. Here in Queensland, we can lay claim to five of them. They are:
  • Fraser Island
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • The Riversleigh fossil site
  • The Gondwana Rainforests
  • The Wet Tropics
It’s a pretty varied bunch, and small wonder that the Department of National Parks calls Queensland “one of the most naturally diverse places on earth”. While investing in property in a world heritage area isn’t going to be possible, we’re sure you’ll never be too far from this kind of adventure.We’re at the forefront of innovationThe 2016 nominees for the Property Council of Australia and Rider Levett Bucknall Innovation and Excellence Awards were recently announced, and you won’t be surprised to see plenty of Queensland projects in the list. This includes the Climate Institute and the Global Change Institute’s projects, working towards future-thinking buildings that produce resources. Pretty nifty, right?Brisbane’s International Airport, the Parklands redevelopment and the work done on Stockland Townsville are also nominated for awards handed out to best Australian developments in a number of categories.
Queensland's innovation could be attractive to property investors.Queensland’s innovation could be attractive to property investors.
Airports, shopping malls, resourceful building technology – Queensland’s at the forefront of innovation in so many areas that it’s almost a wonder more people aren’t scouring the state for property hot spots already.We’re spread far and wideFor most of the country, the capital cities are everything, taking up most of the population as well as jobs and economic activity. However, things are done a little differently in Queensland. The state government reports that more than half of the population actually lives outside the wider Brisbane area, bucking the trend set by most other states and territories.If you take a look at regional data against metropolitan data, you can see that regional housing is much more affordable, as you would expect. In fact, CoreLogic figures show that more than 50 per cent of regional dwellings in Australia are priced between $200,000 and $400,000. In cities, that barely scrapes above 30 per cent.Taking it all in 

You need a strategy that provides you with stable wealth creation.

Of course, when you’re looking at Queensland property investment, affordability isn’t everything – you need a strategy that provides you with stable wealth creation. You can’t just look at the beautiful national parks, innovative infrastructure or great regional centres and decide that’s where you want to invest – you have to think it through.At Think Money, we know the housing market very well, and specialise in helping people create wealth and reduce debt through property. We look at property hot spots, the potential for capital gains, and your specific situation, helping you get on the property ladder and join that ongoing surge of new home buyers.