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3 things Captain America: Civil War could teach you about property investment

Captain America: Civil War was a film centred around action, betrayal, and even a little romance. While it might seem strange to take property advice from a group of caped crusaders, you might be surprised at how well this movie demonstrates good property investment behaviour. Just take a look!

An eye on the supply

Lots of construction could be adjusting the rate of housing supply.Lots of construction could be adjusting the rate of housing supply.

While it might not be real estate per se, there's no better example of low supply and high demand than T'Challa AKA Black Panther, and his home country's stores of the mysterious metal Vibranium.

Because there is so little of this metal and it is so useful for pretty much anything, T'Challa is able to sell just a few bits and pieces of it for massive profit. In the same way, buying property in a growing suburb and holding it can result in large capital gains for your real estate.

With Queensland going through a continuous rise in the number of building approvals recorded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, knowing just where those property investment hotspots are is more important ever.

Take a chance on a newbie

Stark's risk ended up being very valuable, and so could yours with the right advice.

When Tony Stark decided to recruit Peter Parker AKA Spiderman to the Avengers team, he was definitely taking a chance on a fresh face: But it definitely paid off, as Spiderman was able to outplay the far more experienced Captain America and even steal his signature shield.

It may seem like a great idea to buy established properties that have a history of strong capital gains. However, new properties give you the chance to save thousands of dollars over the course of its lifetime. BMT, for example, estimates a $300,000 residential house could snag you $30,000 over the course of five years. That's why the right schedule is such an important part of a good property investment strategy.

Stark's risk ended up being very valuable, and so could yours with the right advice.

Keep your emotions out of it

When you invest in property, you are trying to build wealth – you can't afford to get attached to the real estate you are buying. Both Captain America and Tony Stark were unable to put their emotions aside at various points in Civil War, and it almost cost them their friendship and the lives of their team.

While you certainly won't be put in mortal danger if you start loving that new purchase a little too much, it's still an important lesson to be learned: Getting too attached to something that has been created for a specific purpose can end up costing you dearly.

We might not have an Iron Man suit or a super soldier serum, but here at Think Money we're certainly the superheroes of wealth creation. If you want to power up your property portfolio, make sure you get in touch with one of our property education experts today.