Construction levels: Irresistible to investors!

Whether it's as an owner occupier or as an investor, many Queenslanders are eyeing up the idea of buying real estate this year. While owning your own home and living in it is the Australian dream for many, for a number of people the dreams can be bigger. Queensland investment property can be a great way to generate wealth for the future and the earlier you're able to do it, the faster you can start building equity.

And according to a recent release from the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Australians all over are clamouring to buy new property for investment.

More homes for investors

The HIA made a release on February 11 discussing figures from the end of last year that paint a fantastic picture for the amount of property coming to market in 2015. More homes offers more options for investment, which is great news for those who have been undergoing wealth coaching with a view to making capital gains through real estate. 

In fact, the value of the borrowing for investors for brand new property in December last year went up by 44.2 per cent compared to the month before. That's a huge increase, and one that's been going over the previous few months as well. 

This is going to provide a large boost to the new home market, and Queensland was one of the states to see an increase in this residential construction. By getting great advice and coaching by your side, you can be well-equipped to take on this burgeoning market. 

Price power still strong

Looking at the numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the price of property in Brisbane is still going up as well. While this might sound like bad news, it's actually catnip for anyone looking at investment property. Want even more reason to check out investment property? Another company, BIS Shrapnel, thinks we'll see prices go up by 17 per cent in the next three years. That's some mouthwatering capital gains if you ask us, and more than enough reason to start checking out what's on the market

However, you can't jump in without a life jacket, per se. For property investment, that can come in the form of a wealth coach or property advisor. You can contact Think Money for ideas on how to get into the market in a way that benefits you.