Chris Childs


How talking about money shouldn’t be taboo

Australians don't like talking about money. It's a fact; a survey from ME Bank found that as a nation, we prefer to talk about nearly anything else other than money. Religion, health, relationships, politics, career, death taxes and emotions – but not money. 

Perhaps it's a something of a traditional taboo topic, but it's doing us harm. The same survey found that the majority of us are worried about our money, as did the Australian Psychological Society (APS) in their 2015 stress and wellbeing survey. In fact, the APS found that it was the most significant stressor of all, above family issues, personal health and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Why won't Australians talk about their money?Why won't Australians talk about their money?

An issue of taboo

It's the most worrisome part of our lives, and we're refusing to broach it with nearly anyone – though when we do, we are asking the wrong people. We don't want you to take offence, but unless your partner, your parents or your friends are well-qualified, established wealth builders, they probably aren't the right people to ask about money advice. But, unfortunately, these were also the people that Australians were most comfortable talking to, according to ME Bank's survey!

So what we're presented with is a major issue that people don't talk about, but when we do we are going to people that might give us the wrong advice. That's a pretty grim picture to paint, but it appears to be the norm.

Getting the right advice

What's the solution? It's an obvious one: If you're worried about reaching your financial goals or your current financial situation, you need to speak to the experts. 

So who are they? Financial advisors? Accountants? The bank? We're sure that there are plenty of excellent advisors in any of these professions, but the fact is that when you want to make the most of your money, it's best to speak to the people who have already achieved what you want to do.

That's where Think Money comes in. Your financial goals are our business – literally! With the right debt management system, we can help you get back on top of your finances, while our property investment advice can double down on that commitment and start building your wealth instead of watching it disappear into somebody else's pocket.

For more information on how we can get you talking about money comfortably, get in touch with one of the experts here at Think Money today.