Kawana hospital translates to strong investment conditions

Creating wealth doesn't have to be hard. In fact, with the help of a wealth coach and some property education under your belt, you have two key ingredients for a successful venture into property investment. 

Real estate investment is all about area selection and finding a rental property that will bring you strong results. Fortunately, the state of Queensland boasts many fantastic suburbs that would be a great addition to any seasoned or beginner investor's property portfolio. 

Sunshine Coast – the place to invest

The Sunshine Coast offers investors many reasons to purchase a Queensland rental property. But one of them has to be the significant amount of growth in jobs in the area. Information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found the Sunshine Coast created more jobs in the last 12 months than any other part of the state.

Over the 12 months to February this year, the number of jobs in the Sunshine Coast increased by a staggering eight times more than the state-wide average. Compared to a year earlier, there are 11,300 more employed people, showing just how strong the job market is in this part of Queensland. 

While job growth benefits local residents through income, it also creates strong foundations for property investors and businesses looking to set up shop in the state. Job creation has a direct effect on the property market, in that it can draw in more residents to an area to fill up rental homes. 

Construction projects lead to jobs in Kawana

The state of Queensland and the region of Sunshine Coast have a number of projects currently underway. One of the major projects under construction is the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital located in Kawana. This large-scale development will act as a training centre for medial students in the Sunshine Coast while also providing much-needed healthcare services to local residents.

Once completed in 2016, the $1.8 billion hospital will provide 450 beds, reaching 738 beds by the year 2021. When the hospital opens, there will be many opportunities for further development potential for both residential and commercial property projects nearby. 

Employment opportunities will not only be needed during the construction process, but thousands more will be required when the hospital opens. Further job growth is predicted as the hospital capacity rises.

With recent information identifying almost half of all households in Kawana rent their accommodation, this opens up many opportunities for savvy investors to begin their foray into property investment. As development in the region is strong, high- and medium-density dwellings look to be a good choice for investors due to the strong workforce.