Lynn Levitt


Want to find your Financial Luck?

We’ve all heard the ‘get rich quick’ stories; people who buy houses with a bona fide cache of forgotten jewels, inherit a fortune or win the one-in-a-million lottery ticket. Suddenly and through sheer luck, these people become instantly wealthy.

Getting rich this way is a pretty dream. But in real life, you don’t really need to hunt for gold in the backyard or hope that there may be a famous art piece collecting dust in the attic. Did you know that your very own fortune might be right under your nose?You could be sitting on a gold mine! While it’s tempting to search for ‘quick-fix’ strategies when it comes to wealth, the reality is that you don’t have to be lucky to make your millions. Everything you need to build wealth is within grasp right now – your house itself!If you’ve been making consistent mortgage repayments for even just a few years, there’s a very high chance that you’ve amassed a nice little fortune already… and it’s all in the equity of your property. While you may feel that you’ve barely put a dent in the mortgage, the value of your home has almost certainly increased. (Often by many times more than we could save from our wages or get by selling off old jewellery!)While you can’t touch and tangibly feel it like other valuable items, the equity in your home is your very own hidden fortune. This is real wealth that is not being put to work for you. It’s waiting to be leveraged and at Think Money, we can show you how!With the right strategy and expert advice, you don’t need to leave your wealth to luck. Get in touch with a Think Money mentor today and discover how you can make your own financial ‘luck’.Lynn