Chris Childs


Where in Westeros would you find Queensland property?

As the new season of hit TV show Game of Thrones begins this week, we thought it would be a good idea to liken ourselves to some of the more beautiful locales in the show’s principal location, Westeros. However, there are a lot of spots through Game of Thrones that property investors would want to stay well away from!

Let’s see which parts of Westeros might make property hot spots.

Would a Knight of Westeros understand property investment?

Casterly Rock

As the home of the much-hated (and sometimes loved) Lannister family, Casterly Rock is a house built upon wealth creation and ruthlessness. With a coastal location and soaring castles, it’s definitely a spot that would catch the property investors’ eye.

They even have the perfect mantra, in “A Lannister always pays their debts”. It’s always good to see some useful debt reduction rhetoric in a high fantasy TV show if you ask me!

However, with financial problems mounting in Casterly Rock, it may be past its prime – we can’t say for sure if values will rise in the future, and think it might be best avoided.

Kings Landing

The capital of Westeros is filled with high castles, sprawling slums and everything in between. Home to the King and Queen, it sees a lot of political intrigue go on as people battle for the titular throne. However, as you can see in the TV show, there is a lot of unrest and overcrowding throughout the city.

It suggests that property prices have already skyrocketed to the point where people are being priced out of the market – it’s Westeros’ own Sydney! We’re not sure that it would be the best spot for your investment strategy.


There is certainly a strong case that Dorne and Queensland actually make a very good fit.

Beautiful vistas, royal gardens, gorgeous sun, coastal villas and the best wine in Westeros – there is certainly a strong case that Dorne and Queensland actually make a very good fit. From what we have seen in the show so far as well, everyone lives quite happily, and there is now overcrowding.

With an abundance of countryside and great real estate (not to mention a wine industry to fuel jobs), it seems like Dorne could be primed for growth. If our Queensland property investors were wondering where to put their money in Westeros, we’d say it is here.

If it were real, of course. But luckily, you have the next best thing in Queensland! With 6.16 per cent annual value growth recorded by CoreLogic RP Data and a healthy vacancy rate of 2.6 per cent, we think the Sunshine State is the true winner of the game of real estate.