Why September could put a spring in investors’ steps

Winter can be a slow time for people looking at property investment in Queensland. Many homes don't look their best, and traditionally listings go down over these months. However, the spring selling season provides ample opportunity for people to select an ideal investment property.

As listings rise, you get more choice and fewer affordability pressures. This could increase your chances of securing a property well-suited to capital gain. And with spring effectively upon us, here are a few reasons to be excited about the coming months as a property investor.

Stock on market has stayed healthy

Even at the time of year when property listings are traditionally slow, Brisbane's real estate stock remained strong. Figures from SQM Research showed that the amount of stock listed for sale in July this year was actually higher than in June. And on an annual basis, there were 8.6 per cent more homes available than the year before.

This means that even when the market is at a lower point in the cycle, Brisbane's market is on the up and up. If that's how it looks in July, imagine how good it might be in September and October! 

We're at historically high levels

This isn't just a strong winter for property supply compared to 2014 either. According to a recent release from the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Greater Brisbane has recorded its highest percentage of building in the state seen in 15 years. 

HIA Executive Director for Queensland Warwick Temby said that our capital city now accounts for nearly two thirds of all new homes built in the state. This means that if you've been looking around for new properties with capital gains potential, you might want to train your eye on Brisbane.

Don't just follow the numbers

Clearly, Brisbane is poised for a great spring in terms of real estate supply. However, it's important that you don't just follow the glut of properties coming to market. Oversupply in certain areas can put the brakes on capital gains, which isn't what you want. 

Finding growth hotspots where there are available properties, balanced demand and good infrastructure projects underway is part and parcel of developing a sound investment strategy. This should be done with the help of professionals that will understand your wants and needs. There is no such thing as one all-encompassing solution when it comes to investing in property – get advice and a plan that suits you specifically.