Chris Childs

2018 Think Money Client Update

My Big Money Goal

The count down is on until the first 12 week Challenge! It starts on the 1st February.We are working diligently on the program and should receive the My Big Money Goal  folders next week.We will email everyone when they are ready and call be collected from the office. The folders will be at the Wealth Retreat on the 10th of February for anyone who hasn’t collected them prior. (The folder can also be posted to you, we will work out the postage costs and let you know if you aren’t able to collect them yourselves.)

App Launch Update

The app developer has let me down by not being ready early December as originally promised and has re-promised I will have it before the 15th of January – Big sigh, then Happy smile.I will put in place my normal philosophy
  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.
  2. Don’t stress about the uncontrollables – you can’t control them
  3. Stay happy – be positive – life is too short for unhappiness and stress
  4. It will happen when it happens – until then find a work around.
So… all good – the normal budget works and is functioning perfectly – so we will just keep using that for January until we launch the app.  It will happen lol!While we are waiting on the arrival of the folders,  we have been working on the first 12-week challenge and mini sprints for the quarter that starts on the 1st February.An email will be sent to all of the current 2017 Midas Clients, Debt Reduction Clients and Midas 2018 Renewal clients with the marterials and downloadables shortly.

2018 Midas Renewals

For any of my pre-2017 clients, it is important to book in for your 2018 renewal with me if I haven’t already seen you – just call the office 5430 4777 to make a time that suits – I didn’t send automatic renewals out this year – you need to have a review and make a plan for the next 12 months) look forward to catching up with you soon.

Check out these events

Be sure to check out our upcoming events. Hopefully you will be inspired to participate and I look forward to seeing you soon