Lynn Levitt

About what you hear

Choose carefully the noise you hear..

No greater words have been said when trying to navigate the path to creating wealth through property. Be careful whom you take your advice from. You need to surround yourself with like-minded people.Property investing is long term and will always go through cycles. History is the best indication of this and more importantly it makes more sense to look at history rather than hearing the doom and gloom daily on TV, radio and newspapers.Some of the wealthiest “Retailers” in our country have made their money through property investing before opening their retail business. Gerry Harvey retail magnate from Harvey Norman is one of these people. He used the equity in property to fund his retail business. Chris Childs is another. Chris often talks of her wealth growth and how she is now able to pretty much do whatever she pleases when she wants whilst still running 9 businesses.The common theme here is both of these people have been through several property cycles in the last 20 odd years. They have made mistakes, they have done things that had they known they would not do now and therein lies the power of their knowledge and our good fortune to have access to one of them!They do not listen to negative forecasts, reports or doomsday financial analysts. They do not buy into trends and look at what could go wrong. They move towards what will work and what is possible, thus they have laid the pavers for many of us to follow behind.Now unlike Gerry Harvey I do not wish to venture into retail (at this stage!) but I most certainly do want to retire a millionaire and provide financial security for my children for many years to come. I am extremely happy to report I am well on my way thanks to Think Money and anticipate I won’t be slowing down my investment in property anytime soon. It’s all about the long-term benefits and having the mindset to head to the horizon.