Lynn Levitt

How are your relationships with money, work or home?

Whether you are single and sick of being single, frustrated with relationships in your life or work or both, I can guarantee you that until you make yourself the happiest person you can possibly be, you will have a similar relationship with money. Yet it’s often the money that we think will “fix” us.

Your relationship with family, friends, work colleagues shape your life whether you like it or not. If you are wanting more out of your life and from the people who you share your life with you must get your relationships right.Being frustrated, lonely, tired, happy and or sad are all emotions we go through whether we are in a relationship or not.
So what stops us from getting what we want in everything? Ourselves of course.
We are the only ones who can change the way we think and look at our lives and what we are doing in order to recognise that what is going on needs to change. Is that your relationship with a loved one? A work colleague? A boss or yourself? What is it that you want and what are you prepared to do to change in order to get it?Some people will do nothing and just continue on complaining and hoping that a Knight or Sugar Mummy will come along and save the day sometime soon. How’s that train of thought working for you? I guess it’s not, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this and smiling .I think this is such an important topic that we have created a new event– Creating great relationships at home & work on Wednesday October 26 6.15pm here @ Think Money.Managing money and getting clear on how to manage relationships are probably the best life lessons you can give yourself. Cheers LynnP.S. Hope to see you on the 26th!!