Lynn Levitt

Single parenting can be tough… especially when it comes to money matters!

Having experienced being a single parent myself and knowing lots of single parents, both male and female, it can be very scary, especially when it comes to financial decisions. One thing I didn’t stop doing when I was single was trying to focus on the ability to create a secure financial future for both myself and my children.

I used to teach all my “single parent” friends how to manage their money and if they did have a mortgage how to pay it down. It was this ability to have control that seemed to alleviate a bit of the stress.Just because you are on your own doesn’t mean you cannot save money and pay down your mortgage.
What I found was the most important aspect was the need to hang out with like-minded people.
Often the turbulence of becoming a single parent can take your focus off the ability to move forward. We sometimes get caught up in our own story, and what’s not working, instead of moving on and creating a new path.At Think Money we work with what you have and where you are right now. We also give you a goal of what is actually possible. I found my other single friends could not do that for me. Their conversations were more around what was going wrong in their lives and how tough things were. I found these conversations very draining and tried to keep away from them as much as possible. My own reality could be quite tough at times without having this re-enforced.At times when I did not have much, I made sure that the evening meals and times I had with the kids were fun and light. Because this created an energy of fun in the house, I was able to shift my focus to what it was I wanted to create for my life and children, and my number 1 focus was financial security and wealth.I have not met one single parent, male or female, that does not want to provide for their family, all of them, no matter what the combination. The reality is you need a goal, a plan and a timeframe to be able to achieve these financial steps.It all starts with a chat with someone like minded and a great cup of coffee.You’re welcome to join me anytime.Lynn x