Lynn Levitt

Communication and the Blame Game

Sometimes I think about how many times in the past I have blamed others for where I’m at. I think we have all done this from time to time, but like most, I have come to learn that I am pretty much the only person who can take responsibility for my decision-making. Blaming others for not getting what you want, or not living the life of YOUR dreams is just a bit of an excuse, for fear of taking action.

Communication is critical in all aspects of our lives, and we need to “respond” accordingly to situations as they turn up.   I am a great advocate these days of looking any bad stuff straight between the eyes. I do not waste a second on trying to work out or find out why or what went wrong. Just give it to me so I can commence the solution to move towards better things. More often than not that means I have to seek advice from someone who knows more than me.Our most successful clients and there are many of them, are the ones who have diligently learned how to change their habits and do things differently. They track their money and reduce their spending simply by thinking differently about money and making decisions that lead to financial security and wealth creation.
They have ceased blaming others, they have started communicating better and being what I call “responsive” and “transparent”, and are happier, healthier and wealthier!
Go figure! Not so great things happen to good people. I made a decision years ago to spend money on shares. I am a good person, but I lost it all. Is it right to blame others for this decision? No. The fact is I have to take responsibility for doing what I thought was the right thing at the time, based on the information I had.I now communicate my dreams and what I want on a daily basis to myself. I also repeat these to myself morning and night. Sometimes I scare myself because they keep coming true. I share them as much as possible with my husband and family. They give me feedback, good and bad, and I adjust my sails accordingly. I practice this philosophy at work and with my friends, and if I’m asked to give feedback I try to be fair, honest and empathetic, but I don’t mix my words.If you want something different, the answer is pretty simple. You have to change your habits, your knowledge and sometimes even the people you hang out with. What I do know is blaming and poor communication can sometimes be the reasons we do not get what we want.So why don’t you tell someone what you want, and then go after it? Let’s see what happens.Lynn x