Lynn Levitt

Debt reduction is the key to ultimate success

Setting goals to reduce what we affectionately call ‘productive debt’ is the key to many great things. Firstly when you know how to pay your mortgage or investment debt off fast, it leads to many great opportunities.

Productive debt is property debt. What we call “good” debt. You want to have assets that are growing, and any wealthy person will tell you the fastest way to produce money is to reduce debt.Reducing debt does three things; firstly it reduces what you owe. Secondly, it creates equity, and thirdly it works in your favour for serviceability if it is your intention to buy more property. Anyone who wants to create wealth will have this as a goal.From a psychology perspective, it also leads to greater relationships and far more opportunities. The reason for this is you ultimately feel better if not great, knowing that you are supporting your family’s bank account and add to the profits of the banks. By reducing debt correctly the way we teach you, it means you will pay less money to the bank in interest and have more money for your lifestyle to improve now.
When this pressure lifts, relationships change. People are far happier and fulfilled knowing that are not going to be a slave forever to their home mortgage.
At Think Money, we always work with a trial period mindset. We do this for 2 reasons. Mainly because, having walked this path before our clients, we know and understand how scary anything to do with finance can be for some people and secondly we like to keep an open mind as to whether you are ready to learn and implement our success strategies to change your financial goals.At Think Money we focus on relationships and long-term growth for our clients no matter what their goals are. Whether it’s ten properties or just paying down your mortgage, we can change your life for the better.So if you are feeling bogged down by debt, and you want to pay your mortgage off faster and just as importantly want a better lifestyle‚Ķ isn’t it time you came and had a coffee?Call our friendly staff to book in and the coffee and appointment are on us.Lynn x