Lynn Levitt

Debt Reduction Rocks!

Good Debt reduction is the key to a successful property portfolio.  It’s quite simple really, the more equity you have and the more you reduce your debt either/or on your own home and/or your investment property the greater your financial position.  That’s why the core of everything we teach is to “Reduce your Debt”.

Day after day our motivated clients are giving us real life stories of how much they have reduced their home loans. I see clients all the time that have been stuck in the wheel of a Principal and Interest loan and not making any headway. We show them that even with no change to their loan structure they can bank differently and learn how to manage money the right way.This results in securing not only your financial future but still beats the banks by becoming focused on reducing your debt! Here’s what some of our clients have achieved…        “I’ve reduced my loan by $27,883 in 3 months” – S & L        “I’ve reduced my loan by $41,500 in 12 months” – L        “I’ve reduced my loan by $60,248 in 12 months” – L & PSo what are you waiting for, don’t let anyone dictate to you your financial freedom, take control and take action.Call us now on (07)5430 4777 for your complimentary Debt Reduction appointment…30 minutes is all it takes!See you soon,Lynn